What Is Polywood Garden Furniture?

Put in the simplest terms Polywood® is a plastic timber and the name Polywood®1 is a registered trade mark of Poly-Wood, Inc, USA.

It is manufactured from recycled plastic bottle waste such as plastic milk bottles, detergent bottles and or other HDPE2 waste material. It has been developed to resemble and replace real wood in many outdoor applications such as furniture, signage, moulding and garden decking.

Image of Polywood Bench

Polywood Garden Bench

Polywood® is resistant to cracking, splitting, fading and is rot resistant; with these features it’s clear why it is fast becoming the standard for plastic timber products to replace real wood. It is also available with or without the wood grain effect.

Plastic timber is more environmentally friendly and requires very little maintenance when compared to wood/plastic composites or rot-resistant wood. Unlike wood/plastic composites, plastic timber is 100% recyclable after its original intended use.

Why Use Polywood®?

We have started using Polywood® as a replacement for our glass topped outdoor tables. Although we used toughened glass it was still prone to breakage used in an outdoor setting where children run and games are played. We feel the safety of your garden is the most important factor but as a bonus Polywood® actually looks and feels better outdoor.

Can Polywood® Be Painted?
It does not require painting, sealing or staining. The colour in which the item is made is the same right through and not just on the surface.

Does It Contain Any Real Wood?
No it is 100% recycled waste material which in the past would have gone into landfill sites.

Will It Blow Around My Garden On a Windy Day?
It weighs roughly the same as your average hardwood furniture so the wind should not be an issue.

How Do I Clean Polywood®?
Simply wash down with a mild soap and water. A pressure washer can be used but do not exceed 1000psi. A soft brush can be used where your furniture has creases. Small minor scratches can be gently sanded with fine sandpaper.

What Polywood® Products Do You Stock?
We are currently just replacing our glass table tops for Polywood®. We are looking and testing garden benches and tables for our summer 2014 ranges.

1. Polywood is a registered trademark of Poly-Wood, Inc
2. HDPE is High-density polyethylene